MAA | Our Team
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Our Team

Fifiek Mulyana


Fifiek specializes in transportation infrastructure regulatory framework and financing.  As MAA has been the retainer lawfirm for PT. Transportasi Jakarta (previously UP Transjakarta), Fifiek handles the overall regulatory and corporate transactions of Transjakarta, Jakarta’s owned bus operators and semi regulatory company.  In addition, she has also been engaged by KAI (Kereta Api Indonesia) since 2010 to assist with the project financing of their business innovation and expansion.  Just last December 2016, MAA represented KAI in closing the deal with Mandiri for IDR 1,2 T Mandatory Syndicated Loan Agreement.

Obtaining her master degree from Northwestern University, School of Law, Chicago Illinois in 2002 on Fulbright Scholarship, Fifiek is licensed advocate with PERADI and a sworn legal translator.  She also received a leadership fellowship from Eisehnower Fellowships in 2013 where she visited various judicial institution in the United States to deepen her understanding on how judicial recruitment, including lawyer’s intakes, is conducted.

Fauzul Abrar


Beginning his lawyer career in 1997, Fauzul has expansive experience both in corporate matters and litigation practices.  He was a lawyer with Soemadipradja and Taher from 2002 – 2007 before establishing MAA in 2008.  From 2007 – 2008, Fauzul acted as special staff for legal affairs for the Vice President of PT. Pertamina (Persero) where he advised the Vice President on crucial corporate and transaction legal matters.

Fauzul’s expertise is litigation, specially environmental litigation as he has been appointed to act as one of the attorney for the Minister of  Forestry and Environment for their forest fire cases.  For this expertise,  Fauzul has been asked to develop training material for joint training of judicial enforcement officers on scientific evidence in environmental cases.

In addition to litigation practice, Fauzul has strong foreign investment clients portofolio.  He has successfully handled the establishment white label services and health care providers from the ASEAN regions.

Agung Prabowo


Agung is the leading litigation associate and has single handedly handle numerous cases before the district court for arbitration award enforcement procedures.  Agung also manages the arbitration desk in MAA.

Debby Naztty


Debby has earned trust and confidence of MAA’s foreign clients, specially in dealing with licenses for investment purposes, such as the principal license and expansion permits from  the Investment Coordinating Board, the import licenses and chemical licenses for industrial areas.   Debby also was involved in the documentation preparation of PT. Kereta Api Indonesia loan syndication agreements and its security.

Debby is a LPDP Awardee for Leiden University Master Degree.

Fahri Handika


Fahri has strong research background and started his career at Novartis, an international pharmaceutical company, before joining MAA in 2015.  Fahri assists MAA partners in infrastructure project specially Transjakarta operation and its legal frameworks.  Fahri is fully knowledgeable in the public service obligation scheme and regulatory drafting.

Unique Putrinda


Recently joining MAA, Unique is tasked in handling international organization with mining project aiming to improve the life of minor miners and women.  Unique handles the corporate arrangements and necessary licenses for the operation of the Project.



MAA works is always based on thorough research both field research and desktop review.  Yanosse is the paralegal ensuring the updated regulations and any news relating to the clients’ affairs are supplied.