Brief Summary the Law on Personal Data Protection
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Brief Summary the Law on Personal Data Protection

Government of Indonesia with the approval from the House of People’ Representatives (Parliament of Indonesia) has passed the law on Personal Data Protection (Undang-Undang Perlindungan Data Pribadi) into a law on 20 September 2022 (“PDP Law”).  

However the Law will come into effect after the Presidential’ signature is obtained and the promulgation process is deemed to be completed no later than 30 days from the Parliament’s approval was given. 

Prior to this PDP Law, the regulations on Personal Data Protection were scattered in various sectors.  This long waited legislation aimed to serve as an umbrella to provide legal protection and to prevent the Personal Data from being exploited, misused and mistreated causing harms to the constitutional rights of the Indonesian subject of Personal Data (Data Owners).  

Set out below is a brief summary of the Law, focusing on the most relevant and critical issues which may apply for private sectors including insurance services providers and its related businesses.  Please note that for the reason we have mentioned above pertaining to the ongoing promulgation procedures, our review was made on an unofficial document of the Law, which were accessible from Draft Bill of Law of 2022 ( as of 29 September 2022. 

In light of the above, it is advisable that any decision or action in that regard must only be made in reliance on the official version of the Law as issued by the Government.         


Click here to continue read the full brief summary of the Law made by MAA Law Firm.

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